Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 165

Sometimes you find don't you, dear Reader, that sometimes in life it is really hard to know what to do for the best. I am talking about when people become difficult towards you and you can't do anything right. Even when you have tried to explain the reasons why you have not been able to keep up to things and have ended up making people let down. In my case it was the fact my son had serious operation last year and then me myself ended up with really ill health due to my allergic reactions.

It is at times like this you do find out who your true friends and supportive family members are. Part of my condition is that I must avoid stress and that is really hard to do when people become difficult and mean towards you just because due to circumstances out of your control you cannot do what they wish you to do.

What also happened in my situation was how quick I was judged, when themselves behaviour at times was inexcusable, where as I had good reason to why I could not do what they wanted me to. I have had to leave many a thing unfinished. Cancel lots of plans. Miss out on lots of things in my own life due to my allergy, then on top of that I have been at the receiving end of some unpleasant, unreasonable behaviour towards me.

No one stepped in and told these people that perhaps they were going too far and no one told them or explained about my illness, so instead they were able to carry on regardless doing what they wanted. When a simple explanation may have stopped this getting completely out of hand. I took the pressure of criticism and judgement until one day I lost my temper and stuck up for myself.

Why people think they can control others is beyond me. Why they cause and start trouble I do not understand either. The stress from this also resulting in some important tests not been able to be carried out with regards to my allergy and for me to wait almost twelve months for me to have them done. Due to me not been able to come off my medication.

I have no idea why this person became so mean and unkind to me. Why my explanations were not good enough. All I know now it as made life extremely hard at times not just for me but for other family members too.  I don't fall out with people but boy is it hard when they fall out with you!

Evening all x x x

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