Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 172

One of the things I have found helps me a lot, dear Reader is walking. Going out for a walk really helps me  get over a bad allergic reaction. So today I found myself out and about walking. I had to go visit my own GP to check in after Sunday's adventure so I thought 'time for my daily walk.' 

Now I have come to notice certain things on my daily walk. Firstly, it is guaranteed that I will get a stone in my pump (I have got to wear flat shoes for walking) and secondly that we live quite near to one of those divided pathways--the ones that are split down the middle for pedestrians on one side and cycles on the other. Now this is quite handy for those such as me who own a bike as it means I can cycle quite safely to nearly everywhere I need to go. However as a walker and using this path I have encounted some very power mad cyclists. 

I have been minding my own business walking on the path and I admit to being a little naughty and I may have strayed into the cycle part of the path by an inch or so. Even more if it is raining because the pedestrian part is right by the road and if it is raining you can be splashed by cars. Which like today I was over into the cycle path because it was raining and I was wearing a new skirt--so we don't want that getting wet do we dear Reader? For I am always careful, dear Reader, and if I see a cyclist I will move over into my correct path.

However to get to the point, dear Reader, there are quite a few cyclist who do not seem to be able to take a little inch invasion into their cycle path. It starts with them way out  in the distance ringing their little bells. You know when you have seen them anyway and will move yourself out of the way when they actually are close to you. The ringing of the bike bell is soon followed by frantic moving arms, swaying from side to side telling you to get back to your own half of the path. Shouting this again because they are way in the distance. Now you might think, dear Reader, that they are peddaling down the path at two hundred miles an hour and that if I do not move right away I am in for some terrible accident. But they are going slow and are well within my eye line for me to make the big leap back to my own path. Then eventually when they do get up to you, they will give you some big tall of and lecture about the path rules and this can go on and on, dear Reader--even if they are slow riders! 

I am not like this when I am on my bike, but watch out, dear Reader there are cyclists like that out there--give them a bike bell and they are going to use it! Pedal power and all!

Evening all x x x


  1. Ignore them!!! Walk where you like. Feet were invented long before bikes...will tweet you link to blog I did on this very topic!!

  2. Thanks Carol have done the same for you. I will walk the line :)