Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 174

Well after recent events, dear Reader, my mind as had to drift to were most of us most of us do not like to go--thoughts of making a will and funeral plans. Awful to after think about isn't it? But it is just something that as been in my mind and knowing how fast anaphylaxis shock can come on with allergy, I think it would be time for me to have a plan.

Firstly I think it would be important that my family would decide on the most of the arrangements after all they would be the ones left living it would not really matter to me were I was laid to rest.  I would not mind my ashes being placed in our garden at home because I would be in the place I am happiest in there. Close to my family. But then I have children and they would need somewhere to go to reflect etc and a place to visit and know I was there. An X marks the spot really. You know what I mean? Somewhere they could acknowledge and a place they can sit and talk to me etc. So it would have to be somewhere and something that was best for them really and not me.

One of the songs I would like playing is the The Other side by the Scissor Sisters and I would like a positive celebration of life. Maybe Russell Watson Faith of the Heart and The Flood by Katie Melua too. 

I have to say I have no plans to meet my maker yet. I am doing all I can to beat my allergies etc. But it is best to have a plan B isn't it, dear Reader?

Evening all x x x

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