Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 145

Well going to the gym last night was not such a good idea, dear Reader, although it made me feel good at the start and it as taken away my tiredness I got too hot. So hot that I started to itch and we were not going straight home either, we were calling at ASDA on the way home. Itching in a supermarket is not a good idea. At about ten o'clock at night the supermarket is quiet but you know you can't have a sneaky scratch because you will be on CCTV. Besides that with my condition you can't have a little scratch, when you itch I mean itching so intense you could scream. All over the body everywhere. 

I was rushing around, trying to hurry so I could get home and in the shower. One problem... the hubby. He as a knack of taking his time when in supermarkets or even getting himself lost. By lost I mean he is with you one minute then suddenly he will disappear. So I walk around going aisle to aisle looking for him and this can waste a good ten minutes. I have very much been tempted to have his name over the tannoy like a lost child. 

So now I am getting really uncomfortable but I can't exactly break down in the middle of the supermarket lie on the floor and have a good scratch can I? No matter how much I need to. I better point out, dear Reader, if you have not been following my blog that the itching is caused by allergic reactions. This one partly from steroid withdrawal and some shampoo, that the lovely girl in The Body Shop supposingly checked my ingredients list I am allergic to but for me to wash my hair without checking myself to have a reaction because I am allergic to three of the ingredients in the shampoo.

So finally we get back to our shiny brand new car that I have just noticed has the number 13 on the number plate. Great I think lets go home and fast. Not going to have a scratch in my brand new car. Only for the hubby to start driving at a snail's pace! 
"That Taxi Driver behind is driving up my arse, so I am going to go slow." Are his pearls of wisdom that comes from his mouth. Never mind I have now broke out in very hot and itchy hives all over my body--NO lets drive slow and hold an impatient taxi driver up.

It took all my will power not to scratch and now I am covered in hives. Nothing for it--cold bath here I come (again)

Evening all x x x

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