Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 169

What a HAPPY week this week as been dear Reader and my allergy symptoms now seem to be finally getting under control. I hope to finally make it off the steroids in a couple of days. I am finally going to have my life back. I also want to say a huge thank you too to my mum and dad too for all their support through my illness, they have been fantastic.  I am thankful to have lots of wonderful people in my life and it got me to thinking about what to do for my big 40. 

So I was thinking of maybe hiring a coach and taking all my wonderful friends and family on some kind of trip. Instead of doing a party. Birthdays should be celebrated and the big 40 should be a big event. This should also me celebrating beating my allergies and getting my life back. 

So where shall we go?  What shall we do?  Something pampering for the girls? Something adventurous for the boys? Something for all ages. I think I know the perfect plan but I need to do some more research... Google here I come!!!!!

Evening all x x x

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