Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 157

Off we went today, dear Reader, to visit family in North Yorkshire. It was the first time we have travelled in our brand new car other than local driving. 

It was so good to get out of the house and do something!  We are always made so welcome by my lovely aunt and it was good to catch up with my two cousins. My two cousins each had a baby this year Baby M is now six months and was so playful and bubbly. Baby L is only weeks old so still like a new born. They are both adorable.

It was lovely to get some baby cuddles and my aunt always puts a nice homemade spread on for lunch so we were well fed. Even though there is always something missing now since my gran passed we manage to smile and have a good time, but I know in all our minds we miss our gran. But with two new babies in the family it gives us something to focus on and new memories to be made.

I shall look forward to them.

Evening all x x x

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