Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 149

I had a good idea today dear Reader. I deleted all the songs on my phone so I could start again and add the ones I liked. I had become bored of the ones I had on there and while I am unable to go to the gym due to my skin, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do this task.

We must have hundreds of CDs which have all now have been added to the music library in the computer. To download songs for my phone it is a case of scrolling down each song. All are in alphabetical order. So I sat for a good couple of hours adding songs into the sync list at the side. Really pleased with my new music collection.

I was up to UB40 and I was nearly at the end of this huge task. When all of a sudden Spook the cat jumped up from nowhere landing on my knee. This made me jump, she had jumped over the side of the sofa so I had not seen her so it was a shock. Seeing that she was on my bare legs and not very comfortable Spook moved to the other side of the sofa. Now when she is on the sofa we have a special blanket for her, much needed at the moment due to the recent heatwave and the fact she is maulting again.

But Spook was not interested in her blanket choosing to sit in the place I had just vacated. So being the kind person I am and not having the heart to move her, instead I decided to move my laptop to another chair... only forgetting all about my phone been connected to the laptop. So when I moved I disconnected my phone and accidentaly deleted all my songs I had spent hours adding in the sync list!

Lesson learnt, I now will sync songs ten at a time so this never happens again! I think I would have possibly only had one more song to add too.

I never had this problem playing records!

Evening all x x x

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