Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 168

It is funny sometimes, dear Reader, how comedy situations can present themselves in real life. Take today for instance, there me and my teens were minding our own business, having a nice walk into town, when all of a sudden lots of police sprang on a woman with a buggy. The woman talking on her mobile phone said 
"I am getting nicked and I don't know why." As she said that a policeman lifted her toddler up out of the pram and pulled a big bundle of Marks And Spencers underwear out. All still on hangers and with the tags all on and everything. She had clearly been shoplifting and the store must have called the police for them to be there when she left the shop because this happened right out side Marks and Spencers.

Maybe if she had just had the one item and she would have not thought they had found it, but to have a massive bundle of underwear like that. It was just a great comedy moment the policeman could not have timed finding that bundle any better.

The big bundle of underwear was passed back to the Marks and Spencers member of staff and  all I can think is imagine buying underwear that had been taken out of the shop like that. I would think they would not just put it back on the shelves. Would they?

Evening all x x x

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