Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 155

Up early and ready to go shopping in the town next to ours, I was today, dear Reader. I was going in search of a great grandparents urn type vase to put on my grandparents' grave. 

Miss C was up nice and early to come with us only for when we said we were going and we were making our way to the door, for her to emerge from her room still in her night wear. It would seem after feeding the cat and feeding herself cereal Miss C had gone back to bed. This I have informed her is not what I mean by getting up early.

There were no grandparents vases, so we ended up having a nice look around the shops there and there was some nice shops. Then we did the unthinkable... we brought back fish and chips in our brand new car. But we had been to this fish shop before and they are really nice. It was too cold to eat them outside and with me still recovering from my tooth extraction and still only able to eat from one side of my mouth we decided to take them back home with us. Even wrapped up fish and chips stink don't they, dear Reader? And the smell gets on your clothes and everything. But it is worth it because they were delicious.

Then after lunch we had a nice walk into our town centre. It is so much nicer now the weather is cooler and the breeze felt lovely on my skin. Bought some nice bits and pieces and it was nice to get out of the house for the day.

Evening all x x x

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