Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 144

Tired today, dear Reader but I am determined to make it to the gym tonight. My eyes are a lot better now and if I could just get these stubborn hives to go.  I could have easily have gone and had a good sleep this afternoon but didn't so now I am running on flat batteries.

So I am stuck for a shampoo again. I have no idea what I will use now. It seems if I did not wash my hair I would not have a problem with my skin. But it gets so far along without washing and I have to wash it. It drives me mad. There must be a shampoo out there that I can use.

So I am trying to find the energy to get me to the gym.I need to go out not been out for days. If I get my arse to the gym tonight I am going to call at ASDA and treat myself to some apple pie and custard afterwards. I know I should eat that before going to the gym but just for today we will do it this way round dear Reader.

I can't keep my little eyes open at the minute. I am doing crazy stuff like almost putting the washing in the fridge instead of the dryer and walking into rooms and forgetting what I went in for. So I better go get my gym kit on before I am snoring on this sofa.

Evening all x x x


  1. Hi Nikki, there is a company who make organic products for sensitive skin. They are pricey and not sure whether it will help you but worth a go!

    Jo xx

  2. Thanks Jo! That sounds like a BIG help to me. Will go and have a look now! Thanks again x x