Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 130

For the past few weeks Mr L as been trying really hard to get a job through the summer until he returns to school for sixth form in the autumn. In his quest to find employment, Mr L dressed smart and went around various well know shops and handed out his CV.  During his time doing this we have seen the good and the bad from various well known shops and the way they handle people. I am not going to name, names, dear Reader, lets start with the positive some have been really good and taken his CV and given him positive feedback and even an interview. However some have given a really poor response to a sixteen year old keen to start his first casual job and have been less than helpful.

In shops you would think that it is policy for staff to be friendly to not only customers but to people who have a strong interest in working for their company. All off these are BIG brand shops, chains in every high street, that employ many people. Maybe it as just become a factory production line when they come to employing people and they no longer care about individual requests for employment.

I am going to name two companies who have been excellent in helping Mr L and who's staff have been the most friendly and encouraging they are B&Ms and Home Bargains. All staff have been fantastic and the managers brilliant and helping Mr L confidence in his seek for employment. Fingers crossed he finds success really soon.

Speaking of good customer service, we received excellent service from McCDonalds today. We placed our order and was told if we sat down with our drinks that they would bring the food over to us, when it was ready. After patiently waiting for over half an hour, we knew the words fast foods had passed us by! So after politely asking where our food was, the manager Craig came over to politely tell us that the girl at the till who had taken our order had completely forgot to get it ready for us. Anyone can make a mistake. maybe it was her first day in the job so an apology was given and we would have been happy with that. However Craig went out of his way to offer us fresh drinks, which were very welcome on a hot day like this and we had been waiting that long for the food we had finished our drinks. So fresh drinks were given and large ones too on the house and we also got a free dessert too.

Excellent service well worth waiting for!

Evening all x x x

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