Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 131

You know when it is a hot summer, dear Reader when you are reaching for the dresses in the back of the wardrobe to wear in order to cool down. Some of my dresses have not seen the light of day since family celebrations of weddings and christenings. But it worked wearing one. I was so cool and comfortable today. I had thought for my practical day to day life that dresses would have been uncomfortable and awkward, but I actually found them a lot more comfortable than my usual summer clothes of cropped pants and top. I felt smarter too. So this could be a new at thirty-nine look for me.

They are still taking their time with our new car at the garage. They never phone when they say they will and we were let down when it was not ready last Wednesday. We have been told it will be ready to collect tomorrow and that it just needs the number plates and registration to be put on. Very frustrating when they say they will call and they don't. Also when they say we will definitely have it on a day and time is taken off work only for when we ourselves contact the garage to be told it is not ready. You would think it would be easy buying a brand new car but things are not going smoothly.

Hopefully the next time I blog we will have our shiny brand new car.

Evening all x x x

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