Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 128

It is the height of summer, dear Reader, we are having a heat wave and Miss C has now decided that she is only going to wear black. She is outgrowing her clothes and I wanted to buy her some nice summer clothes but she wants nothing but black. 

So it is part of her new fashion statement. I think it is to do with the music she is into at the moment. She wanted black jeans, because it is non-uniform week at school and she waited until this morning to let me know she had nothing to wear. I had to go without her to get her some clothes.

I feel like I have been on a mission, dear Reader, my feet are killing me with all the walking and the heat. Where can you buy jeans in summer? It is the wrong season. She wanted black skinny jeans and the few pairs I did find were all blue. Then there is the size with her not being with me, will they fit? 

Miss C from the age she could talk always was strong willed about what she would and wouldn't wear. Aged two she would only wear one cardigan she would call it her crocodile cardigan, it was green with fur on the collar and so she named it her crocodile cardigan. To have an easy life I had to get it washed and dried while Miss C was asleep. I had tried to buy the same cardigan again so she would have a few, but I could not find another one any where. I have now put this cardigan in a memory box for Miss C along with other baby bits and bobs. I had become attached to it myself and could not part with it.

So back to the black jeans, well I did my best but I had to get her blue and I was expecting her to have a whine and a moan but she seemed okay with it!

Evening all x x x

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