Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 122

Fractions are to be taught to children from age five soon on our schools, dear Reader, that is because it takes you until you leave school to understand the flipping things! Only joking, but for those such as me that was not blessed with a mathematical brain they are really hard. I can remember crying tears and tears over fractions age eleven.

With maths I struggle and then after a good long while it will suddenly sink in and I will get it. With fractions it was my friend who lived next door to me at the time that made my life at school so much easier by him taking the time, until he had taught me and I knew what it was all about. So thank you Mr M (he once also did my art homework too!)

Things did not improve on the maths side for me at high school. We were allowed to mark our own work from the answer booklets. Well what did we do? If we got an answer wrong we would just put the right answer from the booklet in pencil in the margin and then write it in and give ourselves a tick. Now at age thirty-nine I would never do anything like that now, but back then it was the easy option.

So my maths lessons were taken up chatting to who ever was sat next to me. I learnt nothing. I taught myself though whten my children were at school and I still am not one hundred and ten percent confident with maths(!)  Wih me being a reader for my job luckily maths does not come into it.

But the thing was, dear Reader, up until fractions I was good at maths and I use to enjoy them. I had no problem at primary school with my maths until...FRACTIONS! They took all my confidence away and put me off maths.

We even used to bunk off maths at high school under the maths block stairs! Maybe I should put that on my things to do before forty list--A-Level maths! One thing is for sure, dear Reader, I never do things by halves! 

Evening all x x x

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