Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 114

Today is our eighteenth wedding anniversary, dear Reader, eighteen years ago today I was sat waiting for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to turn up at the register office so we could get wed! Everyone told me to go ahead and get married but we decided to wait. Just when the register said she could only hang on for another minute they turned up. No explanation or no apology either.

I know we would have got married if the register had said she could not have waited any longer. No way would they have stopped our wedding. I think now at nearly forty I would not have waited and I would have got on with my special day, but back then at a naive twenty-one you want to please don't you dear Reader? Also back then I was desperate for them to like me.

 My gran had bought my outfit and it was a lovely lilac suit, she had even offered to buy me a wedding dress but I was happier with the two-piece suit. We opted for the register office and plenty of family and friends turned up and there was to be even more at the reception. It was at the reception the sister-in-law decided to dance and take up the entire dance floor. Not leaving much room for anyone else to dance (although they tried). Then when we presented her with a bottle of wine on the way out she smashed it declaring to everyone 
"I did not want it anyway!"

But I was not letting it spoil my day, I really enjoyed my wedding day--there was plenty of family and friends who wanted to make our day special and I think when these things do happen it makes things more interesting. Although at the time it made me stressed!

I have got a wonderful husband and today he really did something so kind. He bought me a brand new jewellery box and he had filled it with nickel free jewellery as I can no longer wear most of my jewellery anymore. It was such a thoughtful gesture and a total surprise. 

We had a nice meal out and I can honestly say after eighteen years I am still really happy to be his wife and I love him more each day. So it does not matter what others think or behave. Marriage is just a special thing between the two of you at the end of the day. I think how we started out together with people against us made us stronger.

Evening all x x x

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