Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 138

2013 seems to have been the year for babies, dear Reader, we have had two new babies in the family this year and now with the royal baby  it got me thinking about when I had my two babies.

In Mr L's case a lot of thinking is required because I do not remember a lot about it. You see I bravely volunteered for students to be involved in the birth. Having been a student myself I was happy to have them get experience. But it would turn out to be quite the experience for me.

I had decided to have pethidine. Well in truth, dear Reader, I had actually decided to have no drugs for the pain but this was my first birth and I did not quite realise just how bad the pain was so as soon as I had a heads up of what it was going to be like that is when I decided to have the pethidine.

The student was to give me my dose and all was going well until it was noticed that the student had given me too much of a dose. So much in fact I felt the effects straight away. It was like I was out of my body for the rest of my labour. I was one hundred percent without a doubt as high as a kite.

I have no memory of how long my labour went on after this point. I even remember seeing my grandmother gowned up with a plastic apron on ready to assist with the birth... she had been dead for the past three years!

I really needed the loo but now no one was listening to me. I had hurt my back in a recent car accident so was unable to move and in my now heightened state it was impossible. I was now feeling well and truly out of it. Things appeared to be floating around the room and my grandmother was still there busy preparing things and mopping my brow.

So that is how I came to give birth feeling drunk and that everything was wonderful. All went well and Mr L arrived safely... only he did not open his eyes until ages after and when he did he had the most amazing big blue eyes. So it looks like I was not the only one who went through that birth high!

Evening all x x x

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