Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 139

So yesterday, dear Reader we talked about my first birth. Well my second birth, the birth of my daughter was just as eventful as my first. I was almost a fortnight overdue. They had wanted to induce me and I had refused. I said my baby will come when she is ready and as long as she is OK in there and there are no complications she is staying there until she is ready.

I had, had a busy day moving the house around, when in the evening I knew I was in labour. Off to hospital we went. First checks showed I was only a few centimetres dilated so no rush at all to book me in and for me to change into my nice new nightie.

The pains came on really fast and sharp, but I thought I was OK, they said I have lots of time. So I settled myself on the maternity ward. Making sure I told staff not to give me too much pethidine. Unknown to me there would be no pethidine needed this time.

Then it happened I had the almighty urge to push. I must have only been in labour one hour. I can not remember being in labour with my son, but I was told it had gone on hours. So I just chose to ignore it. But it got stronger and when I told the midwife she told me "DO NOT PUSH" she then went on to explain that I could not possibly be fully dilated and that I would harm myself if I pushed.

Curtains were pulled around my bed while I was examined  the midwife you could tell was expecting to tell me I was not ready but no. "Get a wheel chair quick" she called out. She is about to give birth. The labour ward was one floor up and I needed to get up there to give birth. With no wheel chair coming, she asked if I could walk. I said yes and we rushed to the lift sending people flying in our rush.

In the lift I said "I have to push", "NO" the midwife said hang on we are almost there. I was now really crossing my legs. Out of the lift we got and at the labour suite doors, the midwife yelled into the intercom "OPEN THE DOORS QUICKLY SHE IS GOING TO GIVE BIRTH!" People came rushing and I was laid on a bed and as soon as I laid down my waters broke and Miss C slide out like a ride on a water chute.

It was the easiest labour ever.  So Miss C was almost born in the lift at the hospital. This fits her personality quite well it is just like she is now, just something she would do.

I said she would come when she was ready. But we were not quite ready for when she decided to come!

Evening all x x x

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