Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 126

I set off this morning, dear Reader for a nice walk into town seen as it was really hot and after walking quite a distance I had to turn around and come back home.  My skin in the sun was really uncomfortable and very sore and painful and I just felt I could not go on anymore.

After having several allergic reactions quite close together, it is taking my skin a long time to heal but there has been a big improvement over the last week and I am learning now not to push myself too much otherwise it can affect my skin.  The hives are settling down now, but always the worse part of the recovery is that you completely shed your skin. The damaged skin as to come off some how and unfortunately this is how.

It is not pleasant at all, for days I have had the vacuum cleaner permanently by my side and although it does not last long it is the worst thing. I tell myself this is good it means my skin is getting back to normal, but when you can't go out or move without leaving flaky skin it can get depressing. You have to keep the body really cool or it makes more and more.

Not a pleasant thing to blog about. I know, dear Reader, but this is the stage and state I am in at the moment. Like I have said before it is a lot like when you get sun burnt. Hopefully this is the last of it now and I can claim my life back!

Evening all x x x

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