Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 121

Smells like summer, dear Reader, or actually it smells like barbeques! I can't complain because we are one of the many people that are making the most of the hot weather and eating Al Fresco and firing up the barbecue.

What is surprising now is that how easy you can get sun burnt, even if there is a breeze or you think you are in the shade. Maybe I have just noticed this now.  So I have to be careful with my delicate skin and my Kindle too, that was getting really hot in the sun while I read.

I once got really bad Sun burn on my back while on holiday aged seventeen. The straps of my costume were imprinted on my back. It was really sore. My gran took a photo of it before it became sore because the imprint had made an interesting pattern on my back. This photo was not passed back to me when she died along with other photos I got and I think it was because of it just being of my back and no one could recognise me on the picture! 

This was before we were all aware of the campaign now that has made it well known about the damage the Sun can do to your skin. At the time we all thought it was really funny.  It was a highlight of the holiday, a happy memory. It would not happen now I am much more aware and use sunblock so I am safe.. well unless I have an allergic reaction to it knowing my luck!

Evening all x x x

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