Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 132

We got it! We got our brand new shiny new car today dear Reader. The only thing was that we were left most of the day stuck in the house waiting for the garage to sort out the registration so we could collect it, on what was another really hot and stuffy day. The communication with the garage was a lot better, starting with a text at 8:15 a.m this morning and updates throughout the day.

I just wish it had been like this a couple of days ago, when our sales guy said he would ring but didn't and we didn't have a clue what was happening. After being let down with the day we were told we could collect it getting delayed, we were worried that it would be delayed again and another day off work would be wasted. As it was we did not get to collect it until after five, so there was actually no need for another day off but we are just happy that we have got it.

Now we have been told that we will get a call from Vauxhall to ask about the service we received from our sales guy and that if we do not give him ten out of ten, he will not get paid. Now although we were at first disappointed that he did not call and that we had to chase things up and the pick up date was delayed. He did work hard in the end to get us the car a couple of days later. But who wants to be put in the responsibility of someone not getting paid? The manager also said that if the sales man does not get a score of ten he is not going to get paid.

I think in this case I feel comfortable giving a ten because he came through good in the end. But I think it is a bit tough that they have to get the top score or not get paid for all the time they put in a sale. Not just a few hours either over several days.

I think I will stick with working with the books. All is calm in my booky world!

Evening all x x x

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