Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 116

Well all went well at the gym, dear Reader, yesterday evening. I actually felt better after a work out. My skin is still very sore now and to be honest I am getting fed up of it. It is more uncomfortable than painful. I find going in the bath helped ease the feeling, but I have no idea if in the long run I am just drying the skin up more. I do put in some E45 bath oil so that should help. There has been a big improvement though over the last few days so hopefully I will be rid of it soon. The good news is that I have not had another allergic reaction since my last visit to the hospital.

Note to self when watching crime television series do not attempt to eat toast at the same time, or even try eating any food while said programme is in progress. Why it always happens that the most gory, stomach churning scenes always come on when I have got some delicious snack in my hand I will never know. But it happens every time, dear Reader.

One of my tasty treats I am still not missing is chocolate. I no longer eat chocolate due to it being one of my allergy triggers. I thought it would be really hard to give chocolate up, but when it  comes to your health (and being healthy it is amazing) you will give anything up in an instant. 

The hubby says he feels guilty eating chocolate in front of me, but I have told him I honestly do not mind. When something has made you so sick you just don't want it anymore. It is a good job I am not tempted seeing as it is always me left to unpack the chocolate bars after the food shop!

Evening all x x x

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