Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 119

Summer is here! It is hot, hot, hot! So I have been in the garden most of the day, relaxing and reading. But I have another mystery to solve, dear Reader, my flipping hand and wrist keep flaring up--so what am I allergic to now?

Here are my suspects and oddly most of the begin with the letter C! First off is cheese, I have suspected this before--but I was not sure so after giving cheese up for a while I introduced it again in my diet. Cushions--I recently bought new cushions that have zips on and knowing how I have reacted to zips that are covered makes it a possibility. The car could be one as it is very dusty and the hubby never vacuums it out. Or maybe my body still thinks when I put jewellery or bras on that even though they now contain no nickel, maybe my reaction was so bad that it just now reacts if any jewellery or bras comes in contact with my skin.

It is so hard not to get down when this keeps happening, dear Reader, it is really tough and tiring too. I don't think people understand what a big problem it is and just how ill it makes you feel. I also feel in some cases it could have been explained just how ill I had been and then hopefully once they knew they would understand, but no it was just left. I am exhausted and I just long to have my health back and to be able to live a normal life.

But I will keep smiling and still fight it. They tell me now the doctors I may have to live like this and just manage my skin the best I can, but I will get my skin clear again I have done it before and I will get there again...

Evening all x x x

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