Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 137

The nights are really difficult, dear Reader, going cold turkey. If you remember yesterday I blogged in Day 136 about my body as become addicted to the steroid creams I have been prescribed.

It is the worse itching you can ever imagine and it comes from inside your body. You feel like you have rip open your skin to have to get to the itch. It is insane. It burns too and you can't help but cry out for help to make it stop.

These attacks seem to go on for ever. But no matter how bad it gets I will not give in a put steroid cream on again.

But today I had a good day. Everything was calm. But I have been told for the next few months up to a year I will have good days and bad. Days and nights so bad that it will feel like I have made good progress with my skin and then only for a flare up to happen and for me to feel I am right back to where I started.

But since I now know the cause of my problem, dear Reader, it has given me the strength to fight it and I will be back to nice normal skin--I am determined. One of the doctors had actually told me that I should be prepared to know that my skin may never get better and that this is something I will have to live with and control best I can. I had actually disagreed with him telling him I know I can beat this and have clear skin. I have done it in the past. In fact last year I had beat allergic reactions. It was only after a family misunderstanding that caused me a great deal of stress that symptoms erupted again in angry eczema, resulting in me having many steroid creams since Christmas.

It would seem that my skin is not the only problem I got due to that family misunderstanding. I went to the dentist today after loosing another tooth to the grinding I do through the night (when I can actually sleep) Two hundred and fifteen pounds that is going to cost for a little tooth.

When you could have a nice pair of Jimmy Choos for that!

Evening all x x x

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