Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 124

Well it is embarrassing when you go in Poundland, dear Reader, and the only thing you want to buy is Bucks Fizz Greatest Hits and you are that desperate to buy it that you join an extremely long queue just to buy one CD. Yes dear Reader I had made up my mind. 

Poundland is notorious for queue jumpers and dear Reader you know how much this winds me up by now, don't you? Next door to Poundland a 99p store is about to open. What is that all about, dear Reader?  They are taking over the world, dear Reader! Not that I am complaining I love browsing around them because they sell all sorts. I just love looking what they have in. Plus there is no chance of any nickel money change.

I also went into Sports World and bought a packet of socks for the gym, now before you fall asleep thinking that is really boring blog when I went to pay for my little packet of trainer socks the cashier said to me
 "Would you like one of our bags of life to put them in?" Well for you that shop at Sports World regularly like me you know their bags of life are huge. So I said 
"No thanks I will put them in my bag." to which she replied 
"No you can't you have to have one of our bags." Now I do shop in the store a lot and they do always offer if I want to buy a bag, but in all the years I have shopped there I have never been told I HAVE to have one of their bags and how stupid to have a big bag like that for a pocket of socks. Something so small. Do they get commission on every bag of life they sell? Well I was not going to be pushed into having a big bag, so I said 
"I will have a carrier bag please."  She was not expecting that dear Reader! And if I had been pushed into buying the big bag, I would have only had to walk straight out of the shop and to my car as it is on the retail park! 

Also while I was in Sports World they were actually moving the store around while it was open and full of customers! Now it is the most difficult place for getting around things anyway, everything is crammed in there and instead of waiting until the shop was closed they were pushing all the clothes rails everywhere blocking your path and completely blocking an exit area. Health and Safety would have had a field day.

Well I think after spending so long in the queue at Poundland my patience had gone and I think now that is it for me shopping at Sports World I am upgrading to JD Sports!

Evening all xxx

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