Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 125

FRIDAY! Let the weekend begin dear Reader!

When I was a teen in the 1980s Fridays would be when I went to stay with my dad for the weekend, with my parents been divorced. It was brilliant he always had lots of goodies in for us to eat and allowed us to stay up late. So late in fact we would watch Hammer horror films that used to be on late night television back then.

That is how we would usually spend our Friday nights, watching television starting with Fun House and ending with a classic horror film! Amazingly to say that there was only four channels back then, there was always something good to watch. When my father cooked our meals the plate was always really full, we were well and truly fed well there dear Reader.

Looking back now I realise just how lucky I was to have my family living so close to me. My dad only used to live about ten minutes away and his mum and dad lived just around the corner from them. So I always had places to drop in and visit. At the time and age I was you just take it for granted.

So it was a great shock to the system when I left my hometown and moved away with my husband. I just could not get used to the quiet and not having any one coming round or no one to visit. It was nice being with my hubby but I found it very lonely. It is always difficult when you move town to make new friends too, until you find a job.

I found moving the second time far more easier. I think once you have children it is much easier to make friends and children keep you busy. It is now eighteen years since I left my hometown. My father moved miles away down south and my hometown is about one hour away. Family rarely visit us here.

Facebook was a fantastic thing. It helps to have that, to keep in touch with friends and family who do not live near by. Twitter too and Skype.  Many fantastic ways of keeping in touch with people now. Yes, let's stay in touch dear Reader!

Evening all x x x

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