Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 143

Well there is no doubt about it, dear Reader, I have had yet another set back with my allergy. If you read my earlier post I had got some shampoo from The Body Shop and I had thought that the girl had looked at my ingredients I am allergic to list carefully before recommending me a shampoo.

Well I have learnt a hard lesson, that from now on I myself will be the only one to check the ingredients, for when I have read the small print on the shampoo bottle I am actually allergic to three of the ingredients in the shampoo.

Because, with my luck, I had to wash my hair first and get rid of my swollen eyes first. Once again after almost getting clear skin and getting rid of it. So once again I have stepped backwards and am hoping that I will soon catch up to where I was last week.

Last week my eyes looked the best they had done in months. Now they are like two deflated balloons! I am missing the gym again tonight and in fact not been out since I puffed.

So the hunt begins again for a shampoo I can use and I know now to always check the ingredients myself. It was months ago the last time my face swelled.

I have made some new friends who also have or have members of their family who have allergies and they have given me some brilliant advice. So I do hope this will be my last set back.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Evening all x x x

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