Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 115

I used our new oven and hob this evening, dear Reader, we have only had it a week! So I thought I would give it a whirl. All went well and the evening meal was a success. It is actually not as complicated as it looks to work. I am sure it does all sorts of fantastic things for a modern gadget, but for now for me I will keep it simple.

Well due to my most recent allergic reaction it has now been a month since I have been to the gym, so I have decided it is time to go back now. I would love to say my skin is all better and that I have made a full recovery but it is far from it. I am still fighting a rash and it gets quite sore at times. Like I have said before I can best describe an allergic reaction as being like sunburn; it leaves you with sore skin that peels. 

I just feel that if I went out it might help my recovery faster. It will take my mind off my skin. After having so many reactions so close together it is bound to take a while to heal. I do not plan to over do it at the gym. It is more just to get out and take my mind off thinking about when is it going to go away.

At least the horrible itching has stopped (although sometimes the dry skin can cause itching) but it is no way as bad as when you are having a reaction. There has been a big improvement in the past few days though so hopefully things will all be back to 'normal' soon.

Evening all x x x

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