Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day 140

In life, dear Reader, I have come to learn that occasionally it can be really strange and odd chapters in our life can occur. Things we just can not explain. I am not talking about the paranormal this time I am talking about just general situations we can find ourselves in.

Aged seventeen I was working in a private day nursery in the sea-side town of Scarborough when a young couple came through the door. They said that they needed a babysitter for the following night. That they were new to the area and did not know anyone.

Well of course I was wide-eyed and innocent back then and far too trusting, so I volunteered myself to do it. Thinking of the extra money that would boost my low YTS wage. The other staff warned me about not knowing them and yet I was still determined to babysit.

I had further problems when I got home later that day and explained to my gran that I was babysitting for complete strangers. She really put her foot down telling me no, that I could not do it because I or she did not know anything about these people. But me stubborn as ever said I was going to do it.

Looking back I can see now just how much my grandparents did love me and wanted to protect me, but at seventeen we think we know it all don't we dear Reader?

So the following night the man from the couple picked me up he turned up in a taxi so I knew he was a taxi driver. When we pulled into a car park for what looked like some type of work kind of building like a small factory, I never batted an eye lid. The building had a fire escape type staircase on the outside of the building and this is how we entered the building. Then once inside up an indoor staircase.

The building had been one of these house conversion things that became fashionable. It was just like a house inside and I was shown into a very small living room, with nothing more than a small sofa and a television in it. The woman then appeared telling me that their son was in bed and that he should sleep through while I baby sat.

They then did go out leaving me to do as all teenage babysitters do... sit watching telly and eating crisps. Although after a while I decided it was time I went to check on my young charge asleep or not to make sure he was okay.

I had thought it odd how the couple had not shown me around. Usually you get a tour and you are told where everything is, especially like where the loo is. When I came out of the room all I could find was a kitchen which had a stand-up shower in it. I thought it was really odd that a shower was in the kitchen. I then had a look round.

And do you know what, dear Reader? I could not find a child anywhere. The place was quite big, so thinking I would have another look round in a moment. I just went back and watched more television! Now at thirty-nine alarm bells would have been well and truly ringing, but in my seventeen year old mind they just did not kick off or in at all. 

I was in the middle of nowhere too. Not near anyone or anything. The couple returned home and the woman was acted odd. She was just sat half way up the entrance steps saying 
" I can't do it" "I am not doing it" Thinking she was drunk and feeling uncomfortable and awkward, I was glad when the man said he would take me home. Which he did. 

I never heard from the couple again and I am convinced now that I had a lucky escape. There
was no child in that place at all. I should have listening to my gran and never gone. I have no idea what quite happened and looking back I can't believe how stupid I was not to be worried at all when I could not find a child.

It is just one of those really odd situations that you cannot explain. I did not tell my gran what had happened or anyone, but something must have sunk in somewhere because I never ever babysat for strangers again.

Evening all x x x

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