Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 134

I am currently watching Blue Peter You Decide dear Reader. If you are not watching it they are going to find the new presenter of long running television programme Blue Peter by finding the lucky candidate in a reality television show. It is showing the final ten people who got through the audition and now we are watching them face various challengers in order for them to go through to the next stage of becoming the latest presenter.

Back in my day it was Simon Groom, Sarah Green and Peter Duncan who I watched on the show through to Mark Curry, Yvette Fielding and Caron Keating. Jack and Jill were the cats and there was a tortoise always going in its box for hibernation. I thought it was a great show. They could make amazing things out of washing up liquid bottles. I never did get a badge though.

One of the things I have noticed about Blue Peter is what I call the curse of the bands. Blue Peter is a children's magazine style show and they do sometimes have live music on including the latest pop group and pop stars. I have noticed whenever any pop stars and bands have appeared on Blue Peter they soon disappear, the band either breaks up soon after or you just never hear from them again. This has included some very big bands and singers. 

I am drawing on my own experiences from the 1980s here and I have not watched the show in years, so I have no idea if the curse is still happening. The presenters may do dare devil stunts but it takes a brave band to appear on this show.

Evening all x x x


  1. Great post Nikki, my memories were a little before that - I do actually remember Christopher Trace who was one of the original presenters from 1958 when it first started - heavens that dates me! Petra the dog and Johnny Morris who did the animal features (before him early on there was George Cansdale). I do have memories of George showing us a Bushbaby on one programme! Then there was John Noakes and the famous Shep! How I love these down memory lane things!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Blue Peter memories Jo. I only remember John Noakes, Shep and Johnny Morris out of all them! The dog I remember is Simon Groom's dog Goldie. They have judges on this show Blue Peter You Decide Myleene Class. Eamon Holmes and some child star from Waterloo Road who is now a presenter on childrens TV, but no ex Blue Peter presenters are on the panel, which I think is a great shame :(