Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 46

Let's talk about grey hairs today dear Reader.  A few years ago  at age thirty-four I noticed my first grey hair. Back then B.A (Before allergy) I got dye for my hair so when they started to come through thicker and faster, I hit the bleach. Now they seem to have slowed down coming through and I am glad because there is nothing I can do about them anymore, due to me being allergic to almost all hair dying products. I know I have a few grey hairs because last week I saw a friend who is slightly older than my thirty-nine years and she said 
"Hi, I like your highlights. they really bring out the blue in your eyes." Now this puzzled me dear Reader, I have not had any highlights in my hair now for over a year now with my allergy. I should have seen the clue, dear Reader when my friend said she was going to Spec-Savers for an eye test. You see it was my very few grey hairs that she must have been referring to and to bring the colour out in my eyes... well my eyes are a grey blue! I don't think my friend was being mean or sarcastic in anyway, I do think she did thought they were highlights in my brunette hair.

I have only ever had one mishap involving a hairdresser, dear Reader it was when I was in my late twenties. I had a really good hairdresser from my hometown, but after having the children it got more and more difficult to make the journey home. So I decided to get a mobile hairdresser from the town we now live in. At the time I had blonde highlights in my hair and my hair was really long. It was in beautiful condition and to this day it was the best my hair ever was. Anyway the new hairdresser was to put some more highlights in my hair.  So she came and did this and at first it seemed to be okay. I first noticed there was a problem when I could not get the brush through my hair and when I did brush it big chunks would come out. It just didn't look right after I washed it it was just like rats tails hanging down. It was a mess. I had no choice but to wait until I could get my friend from my hometown to look at what was going on.

It turns on this mobile hairdresser must have left the cap with the dye on far too long and seriously damaged my hair and worse was to come, my friend told me that I would have to have my beautiful good conditioned hair chopped shorter and worse I would have to grow it out and go back brown. I could have cried dear Reader. My beautiful hair, dear Reader, it was going going gone.

It was a long time until I would trust a new hair dresser to dye my hair. When I tried to re-grow it long it was never the same again.  Then when the grey hairs said hello, I remember my gran saying 
"Don't pluck them or loads more will grow back." So  I coloured my hair instead. Now at age thirty-nine I know and have learnt that there are far more worse things to worry about than a few grey hairs.

Evening all x x x

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