Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 47

Busy day today, dear Reader, had a book to help launch today and then I had a nice lunch with the Hubby in a Chinese restaurant and did some shopping. Then I did the supermarket shop and I was in the very last aisle (I had only a couple more things to add to the trolley) when the fire alarm went off we were all evacuated out of the supermarket. This is the second time this has happened to me at the same supermarket. How weird is it that that was also in the the very same aisle when the fire alarm went off too? The last time it was one of the fridges that had caught fire and we actually saw fire and smoke as we were evacuated No idea what happened really I did not see any fire or see or smell any smoke this time but the fire brigade came and we were all let back in after about five minutes. Last time we waited so long we just gave up and went home leaving our shopping. Still, the main thing is that it wasn't anything serious and no one got hurt.

Here are some pictures:

The shopping trolley before we were evacuated

Everyone evacuated from the supermarket

Fire truck arriving
Fire engine

Fireman preparing to go inside

Morrisons staff going back to work

And after all that excitement it was back to the trolley...
Evening all x x x

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