Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 26

I am on steroids for my allergy now, dear Reader, so I am now typing at a supersonic speed with them well and truly kicking in. Feeling much better now, skin already looking much better, just hope it lasts this time. Trouble is I am sure they make you put weight on these steroids so I have avoided the muffins and hot chocolate today and I better get my soon to be BIG bum back to the gym. "Every little helps" as Tesco's say.

Got a BIG book launch tomorrow and I enjoyed being part of one today. I also won a competition today which is always great. I won lots of goodies for book-loving people. So I  have a busy day tomorrow promoting and tweeting etc. I am managing to work through my book pile too, so things are going great work-wise. Really enjoying the book I am reading at the moment too it is called 'Falling Through the World' by Rachel Clark--it is a good read. I think if it had not been the Easter holidays and my teens were not home I would have easily read this in one sitting.

I am just changing all my emails over, I don't know quite why I have to do it but it is something to do with the fact that I am no longer with Google. It is taking ages. I hope I have not lost any while I have been sorting this out. It gives me such a headache dealing with anything too technical. When I got my new phone I managed to wipe off half my Facebook contacts. When I got my new laptop I was that slow reading that someone actually fell out with me after taking offence that I had taken them off. Even though I tried to explain it was my slow brain that was taking its time. I was also in and out of hospital at the time too with my allergy that slowed things even more. While trying to get more organised I ended up with a lot of extra work and you know that feeling dear Reader, when you think why did I ever start doing this? Well it was like that. I treated my new laptop like it was a new handbag and I decided to have a good clear out and start a fresh with the new laptop on Facebook. I ended up turning into a really big hassle. If only I was on my steroids, if only I had them back then. I would have had it all done in no time!

Evening all x x x

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