Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 39

You will never guess what, dear Reader? Well this morning at 9:30am Olivia from PPI did actually call me back! (If you want to view more information on this check out Day 38). They just do not listen do they? Not only that at 7am...Yes 7am I got a text from another PPI company and this afternoon a call asking to speak to the "Home Owner," I did not take any of the calls today. I was good! Well apart from hanging up on the one that asked for the "Home Owner" that is.

It is so windy today. We have a loose fence panel that so needs fixing. Hubby and his DIY! I have now done a list of things that need fixing around the house, and I have not promoted said fence panel to the top of the list. The noise it makes gets on your nerves after hearing it banging since 7 am this morning. (Thanks to the PPI text) a trip to B&Q is needed to buy something to fix the post that you slot the fence in. I find B&Q such a boring place to shop. The Hubby can spend ages in there. I suppose it is the equivalent of the Hubby being stuck clothes shopping with me. Now I know how he feels. I have no idea what half the stuff in B&Q is either. Normally I would applaud a shop that sells everything--even the kitchen sink, but I can think of nothing worse than a trip to B&Q. 

Last time we went I thought it would be a good idea just to sit in one of the show sheds. When we go to the supermarket the Hubby has this thing were he gets himself lost. I mean he will just like disappear. One minute he is there, the next he is not and then we have to go looking for him and can't find him. Or he has this other thing were he will have gone wondering and then he is looking for us and he walks straight past us. He never sees us and just walks straight past us. So I thought I will disappear and let him find me. So I found this nice little shed and I sat in there and apart from startling a few unsuspecting people when they opened the door, it was nice and cosy in there.

My grandfather had a shed that he used to work in all the time, he was a carpenter and the smell of B&Q is like how his shed used to smell. He used to sit at a work bench and it was full of all useful tools and bits and bobs for his work. Now as a child I was fascinated and I would love to route through all his drawers he had in there looking at the nuts, bolts etc. But now at present day it felt like I had been sat in that shed ages. So I waited and waited....and waited... no sign of the hubby so after waiting a little longer I decided that perhaps he could not find me, so I had better go look for him. (Nothing changes does it dear Reader!)  So I look and find him still looking at drill bits exactly where I had left him!

Evening all x x x

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