Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 50

Join me today, dear Reader, as we celebrate. It is fifty days since I turned thirty-nine! I should make a speech about this life changing event and all about what I have learnt and achieved over the last fifty days. But this is real life dear Reader and apart from meeting and chatting with Gary Barlow in the last fifty days, nothing much as happened as it? You can see when I met Gary Barlow in Day 40

I am finally making a full recovery from my allergic reaction. The discovery of Aveeno Oatmeal products has been a BIG help. Hopefully soon all my skin will be back to normal. It is like going through the Gestapo trying to buy hydrocortisone cream. Honestly. I have felt like some kind of druggie over the past few months purchasing this mild steroid cream. 
"Where are you going to put it?" You know not to use it for more than seven days? Don't put it on the face. You know it causes your skin to thin?"  How echoed out to me these were for over the last twelve months. Boots has been the worst because they first sold me the cream on three for two, then they tried to tell me I had never bought three of them there at once. This is because they are only allowed to sell one at a time. (I mentioned this in Day 21) telling me I must be mistaken and purchased some other three for two offer. (I now go to Superdrug--cheaper too!) 

Even when I clearly tell these pharmacist assistants exactly what the specialists in my condition have advised me to do about my skin, they still stick to their script. Shock, horror if I tell them my dermatologist has advised me to use the said cream twice a week--even if I don't have any broken rashy skin to help keep my skin moisturised and keep my symptoms under control. The best experience I had was the girl at the pharmacist in ASDA, when she asked me if I knew what I was doing with said cream. I said 
"Yes, I have been using it for years." Meaning I obviously only used it when my skin was bad. To be told by her 
"Really because you know you are suppose to have a break after five days?" Again better not tell her about the new twice a week regime given to me and the fact it is on my repeat prescription but it is cheaper to buy.  

Those that refused to sell me said cream,are more than happy to sell me their other products even though I am probably allergic to them and this could cause me more harm than said cream ever could. I know they are only doing their jobs and being helpful, but it is no fun when you are standing waiting with an uncomfortable itchy allergy rash and you are doing your best to get it under control before your eyes and face swell. If I don't get it sorted soon I will be put back on powerful steroids. So by not selling me said cream dear pharmacist assistants you are doing me more harm than good. I AM THIRTY-NINE YEARS OLD AND I KNOW MY OWN BODY! Oh and can I have a packet of throaties and this whistling lolly too please?

Such a small cream and yet such a big hassle to buy...

These are what I found to be the best...

Evening all x x x

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