Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day 42

Dear Reader, I have invested in some jeggins. This is not to look like a super cool thirty-nine year old, but as a safe guard with my allergy to nickel. Not only did I learn the hard way (by having another big allergic reaction) that as well as the paint, which would form a protective layer over the nickel, can wash off on my bra hooks this has also being happening with the zips in my trousers that were painted too. There is a trick of painting the zips with clear nail varnish but I have decided because of just how bad my allergy gets that the best thing is to go zip free. So that is why I am trying jeggins.

I knew I had quite a lot of cropped pants for the warmer weather, but they all had to go because most had nickel on them--lots were denim style ones too. I loved my cropped pants and when I was sorting them for the charity bag, I had quite a collection which went over fifty pairs! All had to go. This is because I am not taking any chances with zips again.

I cannot wait to see my teenager Miss C's face when I wear them, they think that because we are a certain age that some clothes are a no no for us. I remember when I was a child that older people never wore jeans etc. One of my grandmothers always wore one of those wrap over pinnies over her clothes, But now today it does not seem to matter, does it dear Reader? You see people wearing modern, trendy clothes in their sixties now.  I think you can wear what you want as long as it fit properly too. I see so many young girls in town in badly fitted clothes. with their bottoms hanging out. I just can't understand why they do not buy a bigger size. I think there is perhaps too much pressure on us woman to be a size 12, but I would not go packing myself into a size 12 like an over-flowing suit case!

Evening all x x x


  1. At least you won't have to iron them!

    Julia x