Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 23

I just do not think my body has adjusted yet to the clocks going forward. Well that is my excuse for my extremely late lie-in this morning, dear Reader. What a difference it makes sleeping in too. The day seems to be over before you know it. That and the fact I have had my head in a book for the rest of it. The book I am currently reading is about body swapping. The characters have the ability to swap bodies with 'normal' people. That is like their super power.  It is an interesting storyline and a good book. Imagine dear Reader being able to swap, take over someones body and give it a test drive what it would feel like to be another person. It would certainly be handy for the people we cannot understand or we find difficult in life. To be able to see how they think and what they think. Maybe it would give us a better understanding about them and why they behave the way they do. 

The ultimate body swap would be swapping with a control freak, how good would that be? You know those people dear Reader who have to be in control and everyone has to do exactly what they want; if you don't boy do you know about it! You know I am talking about the control freaks who go bonkers when things get out of their control and they think that they have every right to give you a tell-off, just because you have not, or were unable to do what they wanted. You might have a good reason, but if things get out of their control they just cannot cope and that is when it will kick off big time. You find yourself in the position of not being able to do anything right and they can turn really nasty. The control freaks I have come in contact with in my life (Briefly) think they know what is going on in your head and why you do things; when they have got you all wrong, haven't they dear Reader? Maybe they do this as part of gaining control over you? It's always you should have done this and you should do that. Then if you don't the threats come and the well if you didn't do that now I am going to do this. Again and again to gain back control over you.

So I would swap bodies with a control freak and give them a completely chilled out day of not having to control people and let them relax and do fun stuff, to do them good, so they can see what they are missing out on. I would also swap bodies with a control freak to give the people they live with a break too, because what must their lives be like living with a controlling person? They must long to escape or maybe they like being told what to do from the moment they wake up. Maybe they avoid going home. I would hate it. But the good thing about being 39 is that you now feel too old to be told what you should have done and you feel free to make your own decisions to do what you think and know what is the best for you and your family.

Who would you swap with dear Reader?

Evening all x x x

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