Sunday, 31 March 2013

Day 22

It is Easter Sunday and I am having an easy Sunday dear Reader, had a nice Sunday roast for lunch cooked by the wonderful hubby and I was kind enough to sit through one of his choice of DVDs; it was some Arnold Schwarzenegger film called End of Days and he is now returning the favour by sitting through my Wonder Woman box set. Having a nice cup of tea and just thinking sometimes these days when we don't do much are the best days aren't they? Just taking the time to sit down and do nothing makes a nice change doesn't it? I think I will do this more often. I have discovered the best chocolate today though too. Forget Easter eggs this was a Lindt chocolate rabbit and it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted and I WANT more but everywhere is shut today. I will be buying them in bulk come tomorrow, just in case they are only available to buy around for Easter.

Well in a moment I will be a moving because Master L wants dropping off at Nando's (hope it is opened) to meet his friends, not long now until he is old enough to drive and he can drive me around for a change! I have never been to Nando's, I don't even know what the food is like there. Maybe it will take my mind off my craving for chocolate bunnies. But the look on my son's face if I told him I was staying to have something to eat. With me being 39 it isn't cool for mother and mates to mix. A no-go area in my teen's eyes. So I will have to discover what Nando's has to offer some other time. 

Hope you are having a nice and relaxing Easter Sunday too dear Reader and if you are now sat eating a chocolate bunny, spare a thought for me!

This is all that is left of mine!

Evening all x x x

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