Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 3

My son is in year 11 and now in year 11 they have a prom. I was wondering what ever happened to the school disco? Now it is a suit, a three course meal in a posh hotel,limos and official photos. We had a record player, the school hall and Tip-Top drinks. You know soft drink cartons with a straw? Now you remember! So when did the American style prom come into fashion in our schools? I know my teen had a prom at the end of his primary school days, personally I think he deserved a medal to get through the primary school he attended. It does make me sad that his experience of primary school is not the happy-go-lucky time I had at my own primary school. 

Anyway back to the school disco, we could bring in our own records. I remember most of us had Wham, Culture Club and Duran Duran and someone brought in Meatloaf 'Bat out of Hell'. Well it did so happen that our teacher was a massive Meatloaf fan and that is all she played all night. Even showing us kids how to do headbanging. Cries of "Please Miss can we have Wham on now?" went by ignored and we were drowned out by the noise. The so called album had not even belonged to the girl who brought it in, she had borrowed it from her mother. I doubt very much if I had borrowed from my own mother's record collection that they would have been played, I think even teachers back in the eighties had better taste than liking Cliff Richard records!

Evening all x x


  1. ahhhh I remember the good old school disco! At one of them someone switched all the lights out, I got grabbed and snogged. Never did find out to this day who it was but what bliss! lol.

  2. Thanks for dropping by JB and being the first person to comment on the blog. I have a reader! Doing a happy dance!!! Sounds like your disco was alot more fun than mine too!!

  3. Oh the wonderful memories. Thanks for bringing a smile today. Great blog! Love ya ta bits and beyond ~Janet~

  4. Hi Janet, lovely to see you on here. Thank you for stopping by x