Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 11

Well dear Reader, my tumble dryer died and because it was from Comet and Comet is now no more, I thought I would buy a new one. What should have been a simple trip to Currys to purchase a new one turned out to be a family outing seeing as the word McDonald's was mentioned. Last month my washer broke down--nothing lasts anymore does it? Oh well we better find something more interesting to talk about.

Did you hear about Kate Moss reading Fifty Shades on the wireless?? OK OK Radio? What about that then? Just in case you don't know dear Reader, I work in the media currently in the booky world and I think Fifty Shades is not all that! I have read far more sauce when reviewing Mills & Boon. Have you read any of the Shades? I thought they were too repetitive and slightly dull like the colour grey to be honest. But good on the author for there is no doubt they are a huge success. But it doesn'tt beat classic literature like Lady Chatterley's Lover... which I happened to buy the Sean Bean DVD version of this classic from Pound Land no less. Well at least I hope that is what it is, because last November we bought a Star Trek DVD for the hubby from there. We all sat down to watch it and it was actually the cartoon Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer! Which for November was not too bad as it is near Christmas.  Anyway, just hope that no mistakes have been made with this one!!!

Evening all x x x

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