Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 17

Not a good day at all today dear Reader. When I woke up this morning both my eyes had puffed up. This is one of the things as an allergy sufferer you have to put up with time to time. There is no cure for allergies. All you can do is find out your triggers and avoid and I had done this and all was going well, I think it is over six months now since I last had swollen puffy eyes. So not a good look at all and I am stuck in again. Good news though it seems to be going, so hopefully might not need to go to doctors. No gym again though either.

I think when the weather is warm again I might start going swimming again. I love swimming and it is a great way to keep fit. The only bad experience I had whilst swimming was when I was aged around nine. My Pa had taken me and my two younger brothers to Spenborough baths; I should have known things were not going to go well, when my younger brother's lips turned blue because the pool was that cold.  My Pa had given us his usual warning of not weeing in the pool or the water would turn bright green and everyone would know we had wee weed in the pool. I always imagined if we had done that not only the water would turn green but sirens and a spotlight would fall on us and we would be frog marched out of the pool in a walk of shame. Not that I would have ever taken a wee in the pool anyway, far too cold. Anyway back to the story dear Reader, well Spenborough baths just so happened to have a high board. You know the big one that the likes of Tom Daley dives from. Well it looked huge and I was so going to jump off right from the top. Up the steps I went climbing all the way to the top.  I confidently strode out on the platform... and then it happened, I don't know why, I think I must have looked down at some point and I just froze and dropped to my feet. I could not move.  All was still until I yelled "DDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD!" from the top of my lungs.  My pa appeared at the bottom of the high board arms out stretched "Come on jump" he said. I remember shouting back "I am stuck" I can't move"  So for the next five minutes it was "JUMP" and "no I can't" back and forth. No idea where my hunky life guard was to save me at this point. Anyway after finally accepting that I would not be jumping today, my Pa climbed up the steps and on to the platform to get me. Working his way through the now large queue of swimmers waiting to dive from the platform. He holds his arm out for me to grab and I just cannot do it. I am completely frozen. So he as no choice but to grab me and carry me down the steps. Which the whole experience was just as humiliating as if I had had a wee in that water and it had turned green...

Evening all x x x


  1. Nothing quite as satisfying as a wee in the pool lol

  2. Ha ha x Thanks for dropping by x