Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 6

I want to take you back in time today, dear reader, back to when we only had three television channels. Well two really because let's face it back then if you were a child BBC 2 was boring wasn't it? Well apart from when they had the girl, the clown and the chalk board on right? Sitting there watching her for ages, willing her to move or just to do something would keep many of us children entertained for ages. Who was she and how did she get the gig? I can only hope she was paid royalties for repeats because she was always on wasn't she?  She and the clown are probably millionaires out of that one gig now living far away in some hot place. Bothered only now by the producers of Big Brother trying to get the clown to come out of retirement and embrace the world of reality TV.

Three channels... and my point to today's discussion? Well I have just found out today dear Reader that you can have lots of channels and still find nothing entertaining to watch. In other words, there is nothing on the television that, out of more channels than I can count that right now,  I still can't find anything to watch. So I change the channel from one to another, hoping something might grab my interest while I have an hour free to watch something at my leisure. Advertisements are no longer worth watching either, it is like they now know that most of us fast forward them so they just do not bother. Sometimes you can't tell what they are promoting and they know we are fed up of Mr Go Compare man but they still put him on and make jokes about it annoying us! We choose if we pay for Virgin or Sky but have no choice but to pay for the BBC with the television licence and have you ever thought that you hardly watch anything on the BBC anymore? So what will I do about it to make a change? Sit here and channel hop, that's what!

Evening all x x

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