Saturday, 16 March 2013

Day 7

Well just when I thought it was safe to get back in the water, dear Reader, once again I am having an allergic reaction to my latest shampoo and conditioner. This is yet another one of my allergies. I seem to have acquired quite a lot of them now. Don't know how, if only it was as easy as collecting stamps. Strike that stamps are a bit boring, so we will say 'if only it was as easy as collecting something remarkably interesting.'

When I was about nine years old I used to have quite a few collections: rubbers was one; erases shaped like lots of different objects and that smelt nice; badges was another and many other useless things one could buy with pocket money... anyway where was I? Oh yes shampoo/conditioner. I am allergic to anything fragranced and another couple of ingredients that have exceptional long names. Why can't they make things simple? Actually Simple shampoo is not as simple as it implies because I am allergic to that too! Why give ingredients long and complicated names? Baby shampoos have perfume in so I can't use them either. The product I had been trying was Tea Tree, and it was going well, until I washed my hair yesterday morning and now my skin has reacted and I'm rashed to the colour of a red tomato... which for Comic Relief is the right look. I have tried liquid soaps, anything with the word natural in it and now I am out of ideas. We can put a man on the Moon but we can not make a decent shampoo for allergy sufferers.

If only I had attended chemistry lessons at school; I could have invented one, make millions and now be living on my own little island somewhere warm and exotic. But no, I am back studying the ingredients in shampoo and conditioner at my local supermarket.  There has got to be one shampoo out there that I can use. I have no idea why my body now thinks all of these solutions are going to harm me. When we all know it is atually doing me more harm not been able to wash my hair or indeed wear hairspray anymore! So wake up body and get with the programme. Awful when your body gets a mind of its own dear Reader, you have no control over it. I get by thinking there are far worse medical conditions to have than an allergy. Films always have an allergic reaction  joke in them don't they? Well I can tell you dear Reader if you have an allergy it is so not funny. But to the onlooker who sees you puff like a puffer fish and come out in hives it is. So here today starts my new mission to find myself a decent shampoo. Is there anybody out there that can help by recommending something? Have you got the same problem as me? I look forward to hearing your answers in the comments section below.

Evening all x x x

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