Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 10

Well what about Corrie last night dear Reader?  That was really good television drama wasn't it? Loved the comedy the cleverness of the writers of Corrie that they can having us laughing out loud with the humour and good fun of the scenes of stripping in the Bistro to the dramatic effects of a raging fire in the Rovers. It was award winning writing and acting too. Just brilliant and we are all left on a cliff hanger until Wednesday. It is my son Master L who is the BIG Corrie fan in our family. I usually am going out to the gym when it is on so can take it or leave it, but I was so caught up in yesterday's episodes that I made a quick get-away to the gym between episodes in order for me to be near a TV screen for part two. I made it just in time and spent all thirty minutes pedalling on an exercise bike watching the drama unfold. Well done to all who worked on it. Fantastic stuff. 

Let's hope they replace the picture of Betty. So it looks like a brand new set for the Rovers then too. So glad it was looking outdated and I so wanted just to rip down the dreary wall paper, but not the brass though. My own grandmother had quite a collection of brass. Including the horse blinker hangings like they had in the Rovers. I only wish I had taken a picture of all her brass, because it was quite a remarkable collection. The walls were decorated with it, she even had Shields swords, an enormous kettle and a giant incense burner. Lots of little brass ornaments and anything else you could think of that is made of brass. I remember the Brasso coming out and it taking ages to clean and scrub up each piece of brass until it shone until you could see your face in it. I wonder what the appeal of it was to my grandmother. Sadly when someone passes you find that even aged thirty-nine that you have now many unanswered questions, Questions that you will now never know the answer to. When someone dies it is like they just disappear isn't it? There is always a part of your life missing. I was lucky to have her in my life for the first half and now I have to go on for the second part without her.  I am sure she is looking down on me from heaven... polishing her brass!!!

Evening all x x x

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