Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 12

Well dear Reader what started off to be a lovely spring morning, with washing out on the line turned into what has to be the coldest days so far. Do you think you feel the cold more as we get older? Cos my God dear Reader did I feel it today!  A pub has never looked so warm and cosy and inviting as it did today and I am lucky I can take my work with me anywhere! Had a real good run of brilliant books this year, which makes my job a lot easier. If you like reading please share what you are reading. I love to hear about a good or bad read.

Hubby is watching this interlude thingy on the Formula 1 channel and it is so boring, basically they are building a Williams car and they are all increased in speed  to music and it is on 32 minutes! I would much rather go back to that girl, her clown and chalk board thank you very much.

My son Master L has decided he is now going in a limousine with friends and he has just told me now he needs the money for tomorrow. So excuse me while I pop to the ATM in my back garden dear Reader!  So I have to go out in the cold again. So I might as well make my self useful and get to the gym while I am out, it might warm me up a bit and burn of the pub grub and the chocolate muffin I have eaten. I have notice since hitting thirty-nine that the weight is getting harder to shift. So might have to knock the muffins on the head and reach for the stick of celery. Might be tempted to call at that nice little pub again after the gym. All that exercise is thirsty work!

Evening all x x x

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