Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day 1

Well today it is my 39th Birthday how did that happen? I still feel like it was only 1988 yesterday! I woke up this morning to a good start, no dead leg. Was lucky to get lots of gifts, including some great DVDs to watch. I have a lovely hubby and teen kids.

Already friends and family are asking about my 40th but I am not going to miss out on being 39.  Today also happens to be Mother's Day. My children are now sixteen and fourteen and it does not seem to be all that long ago they were babies. I did not get chance to spend today with my own mother, but hope  that she had a nice day and that those she spend her day with spoilt her. I learnt something today too, never dwell on people who are unkind to us, because it takes the focus off those who really need our time and for us to think about them. Well that is the polite way of putting it anyway!

I watched a DVD today while I was responding to the many birthday wishes I got on social networking sites. The Wrestler it was called and it is about (for those who have not seen it) an ageing wrestler has to think of retiring. Got me thinking that at 39 now my legwarmers will have to be well and truly hung up. Dancers too don't make it into their forties, (dancing that is, don't mean all us dancing types drop dead or anything likewise) and are are expected to quit. Even for us people who are only in the choir and background. I shall now have to safe my dance moves for family weddings and get together. (Oh if you could see the look on my teens faces right now)  I love dancing, so if that what it takes to dance then so be it!  We also watched Bridesmaids. I was a bridesmaid twice aged 7 once for my aunt and the second for Charles and Di... no not the real Charles and Di, we made a children's version for Yorkshire Television back in 1981 and I was a bridesmaid. I would love to say it was my classical trained actor skills that got me the job... but to be honest I think it was due to my aunt getting wed the same year and that my mother could provide two bridesmaid dressers only worn the once. I got to meet the late and great Richard Whiteley and get a look round the Emmerdale Farm (as it was known then) set. Am I too old to be a bridesmaid now? I will put that on my to do list.

Now going back to the to do list, some people do a to do list before they are an age with a zero on. I suppose one of the things on mine mine should have been driving but I like my bicycle to be honest. My love affair with push bikes came at an early age. Now imagine a flash back to like 1979 and I am around five years old. We went to visit an aunt and uncle and cousins and boy did I have a lot of cousins! Their garden was like Toys R Us. I picked up a two wheeler and managed to teach myself how to ride the thing. Things were going great. I felt good. I then decide to show everyone just how good I am, so I have everyone watching and away I go until... one of my flared trouser legs gets caught up in the chain and at the turn of the pedal they rip all the way up the leg and I am now stuck to the bike.  And me and my push bikes over the years have been inseparable since. So I was thinking of maybe buying a new one. Up grading. But I will never wear flares again!

So as day 1 of being 39 comes to an end I enjoyed a nice meal out at Pizza Hut with my family. (Teens Choice) and I even got a birthday cake. No 39 candles though we don't want to spoil the taste so a simple 3 and a 9 was enough. I actually had nice conversation with my hubby and teens, due to the wifi or what-ever it -is- called not working so it was good. I am now looking forward to unwinding and having a nice relaxing evening with my hubby... oh hang on scrap that its Top Gear night. Or Dad Gear as it is called in our house. So I will sign of now dear readers or reader cos I must have one. Please let me just have one or I am talking to myself. Please dear reader chat to me and tell me about your own views on age 39.  Or indeed getting older. I will go now to find some way of keeping myself entertained. I wonder if i can still do the splits? Only one way to find out.  So I will sign off now to go see. Evening all x x x

All spellings and typos are my own so please don't share them :)

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