Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 16

Hello, dear Reader, well I am still feeling a bit yack, so I decided to make friends again today with my sofa and just rest. So I started the day doing some reading and although it is a really great book I am reading at the moment; because of whatever this illness I have got pretty soon I felt my eyelids getting heavy and I fell into a very deep sleep only to be awakened by Spook jumping up on me. Well it made me jump and when I jumped she jumped and as I opened my eyes poor Spook was flying over the coffee table. This I have to say dear Reader, was not from the force of myself being made to jump but the combined force of myself and the cat being startled together. No harm came to Spook who as cats do she landed on her feet and was soon jumping back up on  my ready made bed on the sofa and curling up on me to go to sleep. So she still loves me.

Just how cold is it out there? So glad I did not go out today. My Ma lives in Yorkshire and the snow is really deep there. The snow is not too bad here at the moment. It is due to snow that I lost my front teeth, aged around eleven, on a self made sledge... well it was just a plank of wood if I am honest. I thought it would be really fun to sledge down some steps that had all been snowed over. I should at this point say dear Reader that there was a quite a lot of steps to that stairway and as I launched myself off from the very top I picked up quite a speed on my plank of wood. I travelled quite some distance, only coming to a halt when I smacked head first into a brick wall...hence why I lost my teeth. Then there is that awful feeling when you bang your head too. I don't remember why I did not go to the dentist/hospital straight away, because all my thirty-nine year old memory now remembers is that I went to school the next day and I was given cotton wool with TCP on it by the school nurse. I know after that my next lesson was French, because I can remember dear Reader that for the remainder of the school year my french book smelt of TCP. In fact sometime much later in my twenties when I first visited Paris I consciously thought in my mind that this great city would smell of TCP.

I am happy to say that not long after I did get my teeth fixed, and so at age eleven I had a teeth lift. Because my teeth actually ended up looking much better. Yes they were still big... even bigger looking aged eleven with my head not yet fully grown but they were better. Age eleven was a very accident prone year for me as that year I also broke my foot and ankle playing football of all things in a car park. I had gone to kick the ball and ended up kicking the curb or for my American friends sidewalk. My foot seemed to vibrate and hurt for a second then all seemed to be OK, until I put my foot down and it felt all funny underneath, like my bones had all been squashed together under my foot. I could not walk on the foot. But my Pa had done a first aid course back in 1971 and even though it was now 1985 he diagnosed a sprained ankle. So I spent the next couple of weeks hobbling around like this for the next two weeks before finally going to hospital and told I had actually broke my foot and ankle and I had what we call in Yorkshire a pot on (a cast). The story does not end there dear Reader, for I ended up with lots of time of school and this is when I discovered Wimbledon and I have had a fondness for tennis ever since. But as the weeks went on with my leg in a cast from toe to knee it started to get itchy, so I thought I had found the perfect scratcher with my twelve inch school ruler, which whenever my Ma had her back turned I would stop the itching by putting the plastic ruler down my cast to have a good scratch, all was well until one day the ruler snapped and broke whilst inside my cast. Well I did what any good eleven year old did at times like this. I said nothing, of course thinking I did not want to cause my mum an stress of having to tell me off for doing an incredibley stupid thing, so there the ruler stayed inside my cast stuck.  Until the day came for me to have the cast removed. The doctor used some device like a saw with a circle end to cut off my cast and as he cut it, up flew the ruler smacking him clean on the nose! And do you know what dear Reader? I never got my ruler back and it was a pretty pink one with holograms on it too. 

Evening all x x x


  1. FLYING CAT!!! Hahahaha ! Love it!

  2. Thanks Jonty, nice to see you :)

  3. Ha ha ha that's funny. TCP...I'll think of you every time I use it now. Have you ever had tried writing comedy for the stage Nikki??? Must read some more of your blog now...I'm hooked

  4. And I shall always think of France when I smell TCP! Thanks so much for dropping by Bevvyboos, lovely to see you. About the comedy writing watch this space!!!! Thaks for the kind words too x