Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 9

Well just call me the Domestic Goddess today dear Reader. I have not stopped all day. Multi-tasking mayhem  has been happening all day long here! A mountain of ironing and a catch up on Sky Plus because the hubby is having a meltdown over us running out of space on there (again) with all my crap as he puts it! Well not crap but really good TV for me. Dare I tell him that next month CBS are repeating Knots Landing everyday.  Now that will take up a lot of space and give him something really to stress over.  Now can I help at the moment that there is more programmes on at the moment aimed at my taste than his???  Wonder what would happen if we ran out of space? We haven't so far. Sky Plus to me is like opening Christmas presents at Christmas, because by the time I get to watch my own stuff, I have forgotten what I have taped  (Oh heck I used the taped word my teens keep telling me that word is now extinct as well as recorded and that it is now download).  The only problem with Sky today was that the remote is on the blink and not behaving its little self, when I am fast forwarding (hope we can still say that fast forwarding)  it ends up me fast forwarding through my programme when I am trying to skip the advertisements, or worse the ruddy thing says end of programme and I have to start fast forwarding through the start of the programme to where I was up to, again and this can become a loop dear Reader, a vicious circle of me fast forwarding and not been able to stop, then the Sky box stops it tells me I am at the end of the programme, only for me to fast forward again to find were I was, to then fast forward the advertisements and it not stopping and well you get the picture. You know them little surveys they do that say we spend so many days sleeping, so many days eating etc? I think my fast forwarding will now add up to a good amount of days now, but on a positive note,  we know one button that does work on the remote still.

Then this afternoon when Miss C my teenage daughter came home from school we baked cupcakes (Mum of the Year awards take note)  which were really lovely. Nice to spend some quality time with her too and have a conversation. You don't get much conversation from teens do you really at times?  

At thirty-nine too I have found the worse thing ever has happened. I never thought I would reach the age when I did not know what number one was in the charts (DA DA Dar play dramatic music ) there said it, admitted it. Every Sunday religiously there I would be with my cool Phillips Roller Radio/Cassette player and later my Woofer Ghettoblaster and would have my trigger happy finger over the pause button to tape my favourite tunes to blast out on the 268 school bus the following week. I knew every song, every group and what was in and out of the charts, Thanks to Dr Fox or Kid Jenson and now (DA DA DA) I have no idea who is number one! Don't get me wrong I like a lot of the new stuff like Pink, Katy Perry etc and I have been known to do a  Lady GAGA at the local karaoke but I no longer can keep up with what is number one. Bring back Top of the Pops and the Hit Parade, then I might actually know who everyone is at the Brits. So what is the current Number one dear Reader? I am off to embrace Google and find out!

Evening all x x x

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