Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day 4

When cleaning the house today, I have noticed by age thirty-nine you have by collected  a lot of stuff. Stuff that you have gathered over the years, stuff you will never use again but keep anyway. Recently with my allergy to nickel I made the decision to get rid of all my clothes, shoes, handbags in my wardrobes that had nickel on them. My allergy is that bad that I puff and look like I have done ten rounds in the boxing ring and hell that look did not match my clothes anyway! I thought it would be really hard to do this as I love my clothes, but instead I found it quite liberating. I was also surprised just how many items in my wardrobes had nickel on them and just how I never actually wore any of the anyway, but kept them for memories sake. A dress from a party, clothes I had wore when I worked in and was on television. Clothes from college. Yes college! Things that did not even fit me anymore. Why do we keep things. We become attached to things, thinks stuff that does not matter.  So I made another decision I bagged up all the clothes, bags shoes and donated them to a local cancer charity shop (all eight bags) and the plan was to only keep things I need.  I then did have to go out to buy clothes to replace the ones I could not wear anymore and guess what???? I soon had stuff again lots of stuff that I don't know if I will wear...

Evening all x


  1. It's a vicious cycle. I've kept notebooks from as far back as first grade. And every time I'm out, I have to pick up a notebook. I've been using computers for years so I've a dozen notebooks I never used... sigh

  2. Hi Javier, I have a thing about notebooks and stationery I can't help but buy it! So I have loads of them too :)