Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 20

Good Friday today dear Reader, Easter already is upon us and this year is flying by. So I spent this morning trying to find a chemist that was opened. Driving round from one to the next and they were all shut. So that was not a good Friday. In fact that was a waste of a perfectly good bank holiday. Today really feels like a Saturday doesn't it? I was hoping with the long weekend that the hubby would do some DIY jobs around the house. I have a list of jobs that need doing around the house. I find when I can't sleep that I make lists, and my DIY list is one that regularly gets stuff added to and the list is really long now (take note hubby). I myself tried DIY once with very bad results and all I was doing was putting a picture up.

I knew exactly where I wanted to put the picture and had got the hammer out to put the picture hook in the wall. At the time my son Master L was only four years old and was really into Bob the Builder and as soon as he saw me with the hammer, there he was with his hard hat on and his own toy hammer in his hand. So I began to put the picture hook up and Little L is beside me copying what I am doing; not fully concentrating now on what I am doing I give the hook one last hit and a flash and spark happens. "BLOODY HELL" I yell "Ruddy Hell" Little L copies. I had only gone and fused the lights. The downstairs hall light now no longer works. (Still after over ten years it still remains unfixed) My hubby now hides the hammer from me and all the tools in case I get the urge to DO-IT-MYSELF.

Evening all x x x

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