Saturday, 9 March 2013

Well Tomorrow is the BIG Day!

Tomorrow being March 10th, I am about to turn thirty-nine and I have decided forget the BIG 40, 39 is the age we should celebrate. I think age 39 gets over looked and is not seen as been significant, so I am going to delight you all readers in inviting you to spend a year with me in my 39th year. What will the year hold out for me?

I have yet to notice any change regarding me now approaching middle-age than when I was a teen. Although my body might disagree with this observation slightly! Yes I am now drawn to tweed and cotton clothes but I promise you this is only regarding my recent findings that I am allergic to nickel!!!  How do my two teens aged sixteen and fourteen see me? Old?? My hubby of twenty years also turns thirty-nine this year so is it any different for men at thirty-nine than women? This dear reader is something we will learn and I hope to learn more about myself and how woman are perceived out there in the big old world. 

Well on the eve of being thirty-nine I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I still feel the same inside when I was twelve. Will I wake up tomorrow and feel all grown up and responsible? Will I finally find stability in my working life instead of flipping from one thing to another?  Well if it is anything like this morning I will wake with nothing more than a dead leg. First time that as ever happened. Is that a sign that I am indeed getting older. That horrible feeling of pins and needles as the feeling in your leg comes back. Is this what I have to look forward to? Also I noticed in town today the people selling the film company love no longer stop me to ask me to sign up for films. Can they sense I am about to turn thirty-nine and think I am now too old to watch the latest film??? Then if this is the case why are they suddenly remaking all my favourite classic 80's film such as Hairspray, Footloose and Fame they better just leave Grease alone that is all I am saying!!!! Oh and now I am almost thirty-nine I will say I love Grease 2 too. Yes someone as to right!!!! Well I do! Songs too are being rerecorded but hey it is good when your teens think you are cool knowing all the latest words to their latest iTunes whatsits.

Oh well I better get to bed as tomorrow is day 1 of being 39 and as it will be a Sunday no post... great start!!!  So will be back to give you a full report of day 1 of being 39!!!!

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  1. Hi Nikki - you're so right - 39 is overlooked & usually spent in dread of the big 4-0! Glad you're celebrating it! Can't remember too much of my thirty-ninth but I do remember turning forty & I decided: 'Right, that's it - no-one is ever going to tell me what to do again.' Total freedom.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and I think I am going to think that from now on No-one is going to tell me what I should do anymore especially after just having someone who thought they could really tell me what I should do too! lol x